They were messy, they were long, they were our first few days in Estonia. Our arrival into Estonia was met with more than a few small challenges, but these challenges were easily overcome and only served to bond our small community with great inside jokes and character. From lost luggage to narwhals our eight week study in Estonia is off to a great start.


After a hectic and delayed arrival in Narva we had to be flexible with our schedule and time, but we made the most of it. Within the first few days we had a fun range of activities and shenanigans. We all successfully went grocery shopping and found much needed items such as limes, tortillas, and avocados. We rearranged rooms, bought rugs, and have done laundry in the one washing machine for 50 people. We have seen castles, swung on giant swings, and toured our unique university. We had Taco Tuesday, group gym time, and a Game of Thrones watching party. We had fun and most importantly we set the foundation for more fun times to come.


Of course there was more than just good times and fun. Within our first few days we also set a great foundation for studying the Russian language. A foundation that each and every one of us hopes to build off of. We know we are here to learn a critical language and we can’t wait to do it, but we definitely hope to have some fun and adventures along the way. It has been an exciting start and we can’t wait for what’s next.