As we quickly approach the end of our time in Narva, we are all making the most of the time we have left before the inevitable… final exams. Here is some stuff we recently did!

A few days ago, we went on one of our final excursions as a group to a mine (Шахта). Overall, a very tough subject to understand–especially considering word choices such as “oil shale” and “industrial train car”.  However, we did not mine as we did not want to take this place for granite! The mine absolutely rocked, it was very gneiss. And the farther we went in the tunnels, the boulder we got. A very unusual, yet unique, experience.



“Do you want to play a game?” -Jigsaw (Saw III) 


With the arrival of the weekend, some thought “should I stay or should I go?” And while some left for Helsinki and Tallinn, (stay tuned for a later blog post) others remained in the Narva area to experience the greatness known as the Noorus Spa and Hotel in Narva-Jõesuu, about 15 minutes from Narva. This is probably the best spa в мире*. Multiple saunas with varying heat (and multiple Finnish saunas), a huge indoor pool, jacuzzi’s, both heated and cold pools, and even places to tan with a beautiful view of the beach. Mere words do not do this place justice. And of course there are other beauty treatments to get there, such as massages, manicures, and more. I myself received a massage, and the masseuse only asked me 3 times if “все порядке”*. Probably because she thought I had stopped breathing.

With the advent of Monday and the return to our normal schedule, we all of course yearned for the good times of the weekend. But we did come back a little more refreshed and ready to work–preparing to finish these last weeks strongly!

*-In the world
*-Is all in order (are you ok)