Here we are, on the final lap of our classes in Narva. Only 4 more hours of learning Russian stand between us and the weekend. Of course, it’s a weekend followed shortly by final exams, reading and writing proficiency exams, oral proficiency interviews, and final presentations. But at this point, we’re just focusing on making it through the week. Tiring as it may have been, we’ve had a lot of fun too. We visited THE large abandoned factory of Narva. We’ve spent countless hours this week solving riddles and word games. (There’s a certain four letter word, and if you take away three of the letters, the remaining letter has the same meaning. What’s the word?) And we third year students celebrated our wonderful teacher’s birthday with cake and flowers in the break room.temp


So, what does the future look like? Well, after breezing through a chapter about economics yesterday and today, which nobody in the third year group was really interested or proficient in, we started talking about global issues. This will be a fun chapter. I expect tomorrow to be filled with portents of climate change, nuclear war, and the machine uprising that will no doubt take place (yes, of course we are learning how to say that in Russian). Beyond that, few people have plans for the weekend that involve more than a 20 minute bus ride to the beach. We need a relaxing weekend as we come around the corner to the final stretch. The checkered flag is almost in sight!indy-500-checkered-flag-hhwqgx-clipart