The final full weekend of this trip is upon us. It is a very strange feeling looking back to the beginning of this trip. The beginning feels like five minutes ago, yet, at the same time, it feels like an eternity ago. I have made of a lot of memories and have seen a lot of new things. There are several memories that stick out in my mind. The first memory that sticks out in my mind actually came before arriving in Estonia. There was a snafu at the airport that required me to spend the night in Amsterdam. I will never forget the frustration and confusion that ensued. Plus the airport misplaced my luggage, so I had to wear the same clothes for several days. Definitely was not the ideal way to start the program, although I did get to stay at a nice hotel in Amsterdam. The next memory that sticks out was the time we went to the beach. I forget what weekend that was, the first or maybe second. Either way, it felt really nice to unwind. Laying in the warm sun, swimming in the cold water, and even making conversation with the locals. It felt really nice to get away from the stress of work for a while. The third memory that really sticks out were the travels to Tartu and Tallinn. I was amazed by the stark contrast between these two cities and Narva. Tallinn felt like a large vibrant modern city and Tartu felt European. Meanwhile, Narva has a definite Soviet feeling to it. I knew that there was a difference between the Western, Estonian speaking, side of the country and the Eastern, Russian speaking, part of the country, but I didn’t know that it was that stark. The fourth memory has to be the time we all went to the spa. It was so nice that I went a second time and I have a plan to go again. It has to be one of the most relaxing places on Earth. You can buy a ticket for two and half hours or five hours for a relatively cheap price, by US standards. There are loads of features to enjoy from a small whirlpool to an aroma sauna. Each time I came out of that places I felt like a new person, refreshed and ready to go. My time in Estonia is almost over. Soon, it will be time to head back home and resume our studies. However, I will never forget this experience and I like to think I will head back a bit smarter.