As our time abroad draws shorter and shorter, we have all been reflecting on our time spent here in Narva, Estonia. Even more bittersweet, we recently had our last day of class– a day full of debates, yoga, and our final discussions on grammatical structures (грамматика!). We really have come far from where we started, and we are all going to miss class and our awesome teacher, Svitlana. Thank you Svitlana!!!FullSizeRender (3)

However with the closing realization that we will be leaving soon, some of have done some soul searching…

…and realized that we desperately need some tracksuits to commemorate our time spent here.

For those unfamiliar with the association of tracksuits in Europe, here is a brief summary: tracksuits (particularly Adidas) are very popular on the eastern borders of Europe–particularly in the countries surrounding Russia, aka tracksuit capital of the world. And so we too wanted to join the ranks of our brethren in our adopted culture and acquire some nice tracksuits. Some in our group (Nikko) have already fulfilled the dream and have purchased a tracksuit.

However the more we search, the less we seem to find. Because of popular labels and name brands (I’m looking at you, Nike!) everything is either too expensive (that pesky Euro), or not quite the quality we are looking for. Yesterday we searched through multiple stores but our efforts were in vain. However we remain optimistic, and morale is still high. We will continue to search in these final days, these day of days.

While we are all looking forward to going home, we still have to make it through the final hurdle of next week…which includes many tests and final projects. With the arrival of the weekend however, I am sure that we will all find the energy to finish this last week with the speed of excellence!