The Last weekend before we all go our own ways. Some went to visit the lovely Riga, Latvia and others the great Helsinki, Finland. The rest of us stayed in sweet home Narva working on third year video projects or discovering the city for the last time.

I was part of the spontaneous weekend trip to Helsinki crew. Compared to Tallinn, Helsinki has a more western vibe. The cathedrals were beautiful, especially the Russian Orthodox one, which we were able to go inside and admire it. It was breathtaking with the contrast in colors, the paintings, and the grand chandelier.

We found traces of Russian on some street signs, monuments dedicated to Russian leaders, and the cathedral. We took the ferry to the sea fortress island called Suomenlinna. It is a world heritage site due to its historical and cultural significance as it served as a fortress for the Swedish, Russians, and Finnish.  We picked the best time to board the 9AM ferry because the island was empty and it felt like we had it all to ourselves. The church had a double function of being a lighthouse too which is very unique.

The views were beautiful and walking through the dark fortress was thrilling.

On our way back from the island we had a taste of some delicious Finnish seafood (Salmon and shrimps).


The trip ended well with a short visit to the cat café, which was a new and exciting experience for me (since I love кошки) and had delicious peppermint hot chocolate.



This week we all prepare for the exams and final projects and anticipate our departures back home (Summer time sadness kicking in). Definitely thinking about how much we learned with the help of our teachers (Oksana, Svetlana, and Olga) and by ourselves. We have become more culturally aware and will bring the knowledge back home. These couple months has gone smoothly thanks to our mother Kelly.

Cheers to spontaneous travels, Narvian adventures, and the wonderful people in our lives.

Good luck on the exams!