Even though the end of the program is only a few days away, we are prepared for a long couple days. Yesterday we participated in a reading and listening exam that took around two hours. Today we all enjoyed a break from all exams, while tomorrow we take the dreaded OPI. It will be interesting, though, to be able to see the improvement from the first OPI we took the first week. Lastly, we have our final exams on Thursday.


For us third years, we also have our final projects. We all have had so much fun filming our videos and I am so excited to see everyone’s come together on Friday when we show everyone else in the program. It has been a lot of fun using all the Russian that we have learned throughout the summer.

A way for us to relieve our stress this past week is watching the Olympics. Whether it’s gymnastics, swimming or even power lifting, everyone is having a great time cheering on Team USA from across the world. My personal favorite is the women’s gymnastics and am so excited to watch Simone Biles.