Tallinn 2k16                                                                                                                                             Included in the third year group, but mysteriously not this photo, because NO ONE TOLD HIM THIS WAS HAPPENING, is Joshua Ratta

I think I’ll start with a quote from Charles Dickens “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” because not only does that describes our grade performance here in Narva these last couple of days, but our general mood as well.  We are all excited for this program to end; to leave Narva and go back to America, freedom!  Go to our favorite restaurants and fast food, use drying machines again and most importantly great wifi.  But at the same time, this means that we are going to be split up, the friendships that we’ve made will while not completely lost will be diluted and weakened by distance and time.  There will be no more solving of international and American political problems in Russian together, no more lunch time discussion over whether the Army or Air Force is better, say what you will, we can all agree on beating Navy, or the gym crew working out together everyday.

We’ve come a long way in the classroom as well.  Us third years can remember the first week, during which, everytime that Svetlana asked a question we would all sit quietly waiting for another person to respond, so long as it was not us.  Today, Svetlana has to stop us from talking, so eager are we to vomit Russian in grammatically questionable phrases.  Indeed we are so comfortable that certain, unnamed members of our class routinely roast, often in Russian other anonymous class members, although, the fun really begins when Svetlana joins in.  So thank you Svetlana for putting up with all of us for 5 hours a day, even when we were to tired or too busy talking about pizza dog or what have you to actually attempt serious Russian conversation.  fjdhf.jpg

Thank you to Olga for leading the program,  for teaching the second years and Kelly for doing whatever it is she does, because if I had to name every single thing that Kelly does to make our studies easier, minus cancelling excursions, my digital list would fill up the mysterious cloud on which this blog resides, I’m a history major, the only I thing I know about the cloud is that I type stuff on my phone and it shows up on my laptop.  Thank you to Dawn for providing the background assistance and making sure we got every small detail done to apply and then get accepted into this program.  I suppose in the spirit of fairness I also must thank the American taxpayer for funding this, the DOD for creating this program and Vladimir Putin for making it necessary to study Russian again #Russianlanguagematters #alllanguagesmatter.  Спасиба, спасиба всё

PS:  That’s probably the wrong all, I’ve never understood their different forms.